4 Cavity Contributors You Didn’t Know About

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Most people know that cavities are caused by poor oral hygiene and eating sugary foods. But those aren’t the only contributors.  Did you know about these other four causes of cavities?

1-Deep Tooth Crevices & Enamel Issues
Enamel issues and deep crevices create perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and plaque growth. They also can lead to tooth decay. If you have these problems, you’ll likely need dental sealants – an easy, quick and painless procedure – before your teeth become infected.

2-Dry Mouth Issues
Saliva helps protect your teeth from plaque. But if you have a dry mouth – a side effect from medications, a symptom of diabetes, or a genetic attribute – you’re more likely to suffer from tooth decay. If you have dry mouth, routine visits to the dentist are important for preventing cavities.

3-Tooth Grinding
Many of us grind our teeth without even realizing it. You might do it while you’re stressed or asleep, and many people aren’t even aware of how this can damage their teeth. Grinding your teeth wears down the outer layer of your enamel and leads to decay. However, you can save your teeth with a night guard and Bella Dental Services can help create a custom one for you.

Many people suffer from tooth decay because of their genes. Not only do you inherit the color of your eyes and hair, but you may also inherit deep tooth crevices and enamel issues. So if you’re prone to cavities, it isn’t always because of something you did (or didn’t) do. Routine dental visits can help protect your teeth and maximize the health of your smile.

Talk to your dentist to make sure you’re protecting your teeth from these common, but lesser-known causes of cavities.

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