Coping With a Cracked Tooth

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Do you have a cracked tooth? If you answered “no”, don’t be so sure. In many cases, the dental damage is easy to see. If you break a tooth, or if you have one knocked out, the damage will be pretty hard to miss. But a tooth can be cracked from a blow to the face, grinding your teeth or even by eating hard, tough foods. A crack in a tooth can be almost impossible to detect. In fact, some are so small that your dentist may not see it and it may not even show up on a dental X-ray?

Since cracks can be hard to detect, you should let your dentist know if you feel pain in your teeth. But the key thing to remember is that the pain associated with a cracked tooth is usually not persistent. In this case, the pain will be brief, and you will most likely experience it when you bite or chew, or when you eat or drink something sweet, hot or cold. When that pain occurs, make a note of where you felt it, and what you were doing at the time. That will give our dentist, Dr. Roderick S. Cooper a place to start looking for the problem.

A crack in your tooth, no matter how small should not be ignored. Even the smallest crack can allow bacteria to penetrate the tooth and cause an infection. Our dentist may be able to solve the problem with a dental bond, filling or crown. If the tooth has become infected, a root canal may be needed.

If you have tooth pain in Tucker, Georgia, no matter how minor, you should let the dentist know. If you need to make an appointment at Bella Dental, call 770-212-9757 today. We look forward to seeing you!