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Many people have teeth with deep grooves or crevices, and no matter how much or how well you brush, the bristles just can’t reach inside those grooves. If left alone, these grooves can become home to a bounty of bacteria, plaque, and food particles that will cause your tooth to decay. At Bella Dental Services, we provide dental sealants to cover the grooves and create a smooth surface on the biting surface of your tooth. This prevents harmful particles from getting stuck in your teeth and makes brushing much easier. Dr. Roderick Cooper and his associate doctors recommend that patients start receiving sealants as children, after having your permanent teeth come through. This allows you to have greater dental protection at an early age. To schedule your appointment with our dentists and to receive your dental sealants in Tucker, Georgia, or Clarkston or Tucker, we invite you to contact us at (770) 212-9757 today.

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