Five Treatment Options to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

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Did you know that there are many treatments in the world of dentistry to help you manage and reduce tooth sensitivity? Our dentist and team can help you determine the right treatment for your condition depending what is causing tooth sensitivity.

Five potential treatments for tooth sensitivity include:

– Desensitizing toothpaste: This toothpaste includes a compound that blocks sensations from accessing the pathways to the nerves of the teeth. Over time and after many applications, you should notice a reduction in sensitivity.
– Fluoride gel: Available through our office, fluoride gel strengthens the tooth enamel and helps to cover the pathways to the nerves of each tooth.
– Dental work: You may find that receiving dental bonding or a dental crown helps to treat tooth sensitivity. These services can also help to correct dental flaws and treat any existing tooth decay.
– Surgical gum graft: Gum grafting can help if you have experience gum recession (gums pulling away from the teeth) and your tooth roots are exposed. This treatment can correct gum recession, cover the roots of the teeth, and reduce tooth sensitivity.
– Root canal treatment: If the previous treatments are not sufficient to reduce sensitivity, we may need to provide root canal therapy in order to eliminate the problem.

If you are look for treatment for tooth sensitivity, we encourage you to contact Bella Dental at 770-212-9757 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Roderick S. Cooper. We would be pleased to meet with you and determine the best possible way to reduce tooth sensitivity in Tucker, Georgia.