How to Avoid Gingivitis

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Have you ever heard of gingivitis? Not everyone is familiar with it, but it’s something that you definitely want to avoid. In fact, if you took a look at your toothpaste tube, there’s likely some information on it about it preventing gingivitis.

So what is it, and why do you want to avoid it? Well, we have the answers to those two questions. Let’s take a look at what they are.

What is it?
Gingivitis is an early-stage form of gum disease. It can occur when plaque builds up along your gum line, hardening into what we call tartar. This is essentially a buildup of bacteria that can eat away at your gums and teeth.

When plaque hardens into tartar, it could infect your gums and cause them to swell and get red and tender to the touch. That’s what gingivitis is – inflamed, bleeding gums. And it’s a form of gum disease.

How to avoid it
Now, having gingivitis doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? You’re right – it’s not. But can you avoid it? The answer is yes – and it’s not even that hard.

The best way to avoid gingivitis is to brush twice a day and floss. You have to floss if you want to significantly reduce the possibility of gingivitis from your future. Flossing can remove the debris that can build up into tartar from between your teeth. If you’re serious about avoiding gingivitis, you need to get serious about flossing.

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