Prepare Your Summer Smile with These Important Sedation Dentistry Tips

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Are you ready to enter the summer season but still want to upgrade or enhance the look of your teeth, but the fear of going to the dentist is holding you back? Not to worry though, as sedation dentistry can be used to give you mild sedatives to help you relax and overcome all levels of dental anxiety and stress you may have.

Prepare your summer smile with these important sedation dentistry tips.

– A fast-acting and adjustable method of sedation called IV moderate sedation directly injects sedatives into your bloodstream.
– One common type of sedation is gas sedation, also called inhaled minimal sedation, which uses a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide to form laughing gas, which is excellent for helping patients relax.
– Sedation via pills that are ingested orally is called oral sedation, whereby pills can take up to an hour to work, but depending on the dosage, they are capable of producing a mild relaxation to a total sleep-state.
– The most well-known and common type of sedation is deep sedation, also referred to as general anesthesia, which can cause patients to be put to sleep and remain asleep until the effects entirely wear off.

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