Symptoms of Oral Cancer to Be Aware Of

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Our dentist and team would like to provide some helpful information about oral cancer and encourage you to come in for an oral cancer screening, as April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. At our office, oral cancer screenings are performed during routine dental appointments.

What is oral cancer?
Oral cancer includes cancers of the lips, throat, tonsils, salivary glands and inside of the mouth. It is important that oral cancer be detected and treated early because, oral cancer can be fatal. If oral cancer is not diagnosed early, it is more likely that surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy will be necessary.

What are the symptoms of oral cancer?
Although there are some symptoms that you can watch out for, you may not easily notice the early signs of oral cancer. That is why you should have regular oral cancer screenings in Tucker, Georgia, with Dr. Roderick S. Cooper. In addition to having a screening every six months, contact Bella Dental if you see or feel any of the following symptoms between visits:

– A persistent sore inside the mouth or on the lips
– Loss of feeling in the mouth
– A lump in the cheek
– White or red patches inside of the mouth
– Trouble chewing or swallowing
– Unexplained soreness in the mouth
– The unexplained sensation that something is caught in the throat
– Swelling jaw
– A change in your voice

Please contact our office at 770-212-9757 today to learn more about oral cancer and to schedule your next screening. We are here to aid you and your oral health!